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Arkansas Native Plant & Wildlife Center
Tommy Young has dedicated his life to rehabilitating injured animals, birds and reptiles and releasing them
back into the wild. His 'hospital' and educational center is the Arkansas Plant and Wildlife Center in Mena, AR.

Tommy's work is totally supported by tax deductible donations,
which go 100% toward the healing and care of the animals.

Tommy Young - Animal Rehab Center
Master falconer, ornithologist, & animal rehabilitator.

Tommy Young releases Bald Eagle
Tommy releases an eagle after repairing her wing.

Tommy, a master falconer, releases a hawk
Tommy Young releases a hawk on Rich Mountain
and he speaks with a group about falconry.

Falconry with Tommy Young
Follow Tommy, master falconer and animal
rehab expert as his hawk hunts crows.

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    Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated!

Donations may also be mailed to:

Arkansas Native Plant & Wildlife Center
Tommy Young, Director
P.O. Box 1881
Mena, Arkansas 71953

        Please make checks (tax-deductible) payable to the Center.

100% of all donations go to
the rehabilitation, care and
feeding of the animals.